Trust The ECU Used By Those In The Know



EMS and the Saloon Car Racing Association have been racing together since 2002. The SCRA chose EMS to supply the control ECU for their field of race cars and its proven to be a wise decision.

The SCRA in now moving to the latest field of race cars and again asked EMS to design the new controlled ECU. This time the ECUs will be from the EMS EM-Tech range. The race teams will have a choice of either the EM80 or EM160.

Over the past 15 years the field has grown to around 250 cars, all running EMS Stingers designed according to the rules set out by the Saloon Car Racing Association.


After 15 years of unparalleled support and product quality why would you change. At EMS, we are happy to keep supporting the SCRA with anything they need.