About EMS EM-Tech ECUs


EMS EM-Tech 100 series


The EM-Tech 100 series ECUs are the elite of the EMS product range. These Engigine Management systems are designed to deliver the best engine management performance possible. Ignition and injection timing accuracy is everything when it comes to maximum engine performance and reliability, Ignition timing that varies, even slightly at each power stroke will lessen engine performance and life. EMS Fuel Injection systems already have the most accurate ignition timing and by using 2 dual-core microprocessors in the 100 series ECUs, allowed us to improve the timing and injection accuracy even more.

Today, Engine Management Systems do more than engine management. They must also control idle motors, auxiliary outputs, O2 levels, transmit CAN and much more, while still trying to ensure dead-accurate synchronization with the engine crank position. A single core microprocessor will work but at high engine RPM synchronization will start to suffer. This is why EMS designed these ECUs with 2 dual-core microprocessors. The main core of each micro controls ignition and injection timing while the secondary cores control non critical tasks like CAN communications, O2 control, Data logging,etc.

All EM-Tech ECUs are capable of driving high currents through their outputs.
Injector drivers are capable of reliably delivering up to 12 amps each and auxiliary outputs up to 3 amps each. This is twice the current required to run low impedance 2.4 ohm injectors and more than twice the current needed for most auxiliary output applications. They are purposely designed to deliver the best possible reliability.


EMS EM-Tech EM70 and EM80


The EM-Tech EM70 and EM80 ECUs are priced as entry level ECUs but not entry level in performance. The core design of these ECUs is the same as the EM100 series. This means that they have the same processor, same noise suppression circuit design and same robust output driver circuits.

This ECU platform is based on a dual core 50MHz microprocessor. The main core of this micro runs all of the engine critical tasks such as ignition, injection, rev limiting, etc while the secondary core runs non engine critical tasks like data logging and communications.



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