Ford 5.0 Liter Coyote ECU



The EM180 is a Complete Standalone ECU for the Ford 5.0 Liter Coyote Engine. This Engine Management System gives full control of the Coyote’s TI-VCT quad variable cam timing, Drive-by-Wire (DBW) system and both O2 sensors as well as full sequential ignition and injection timing. This ECU has 16 injector outputs for those very high horsepower engines that need staged sequential injection. The EM180 ECU is the only ECU, to our knowledge, that can control DBW, Cams and both O2 sensors straight out of the box. 


The cams can be infinitely adjust through the entire rev range via the 3D exhaust and intake MAPS and 4 temperature/viscosity 3D compensation MAPS giving the tuner full flexibility over cam timing at any engine temperature, engine load and engine RPM.


The EM180 EMS is a dedciated racing ECU offering features like:


Built-in Data Acquistion direct to and SD Card 64GB and more (size limited to SD card)

Built-in 3 Axis G-Force sensor with calibration to any ECU mounting position

13 Voltage inputs

8 Programmable outputs

Boost control

NOS control

Turbo Anti-lag control

Engine Fail-Safe protection

And much more



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