Nissan R32, R33 and R34GTR ECU Replacement Kit


This kit is a direct Plug and Play replacement ECU for Nissan R32, R33 and R34GTR. The Adapter Harness plugs directly into the original OEM loom. It comes ready to fit the standard OEM setup. Howerver, you can easily expand the ECU fucntionality by inserting extra wires needed into the lever lock plug.


 The Kit includes:

EM-Tech EM100 OEM, Plug-n-Play Adapter harness, Ethernet Programming Cable, Programming Software.



80 pin lever lock connector to ensure there is no functionality compromised

12 Fuel Injection Outputs - Drive up to 6 injectors sequentially or 6 X 6 staged sequential.

6 Ignition Outputs 

8 Programmable Outputs

13 Programmable Voltage Inputs

6 Digital inputs

2 LSU 4.9 O2 sensor inputs

Ethernet Laptop Communications up to 100 MB/s

Bult-in 3 axis G-sensor

Able to drive ultra low impedance injectors to minimize injector dead time

EMS ECU Management Software

CAN communication for EMS Race Dashes

User definable 3D Tuning - 32 X 48 user definable tuning points

Tune analyzer capabilities - Helps you analyze the fuel delivery map

Auto Tune capability - Helps you quickly tune while on the dyno

Automatic or Programmable staged fuel injection

Knock Control – detect knock level and count for each individual cylinder

VE and Normalized tuning methods

E85 Flex Fuel Ready

Open Loop Boost Control

Closed Loop Idle Control

Closed Loop 02 Control

Anti-Lag and Launch Control with 3D anti-lag map

Data logging to SD Card

Advanced Engine Protection